Organisational Culture, Change

An interaction and experience with your brand or business reflects its culture. Is customer service in your business the type of experience that engages and brings customers back, or is it driving them away? What makes everyone in your office work in the same manner? Do you want your people more accountable, engaged and working in best interests of your business?  

Organisational culture has such profound impact upon the bottom line. High turnover? People taking too much sick leave, low productivity or dipping employee engagement? Safety issues, too much waste perhaps? Staff not really caring about what they’re doing or poor morale? 

Organisations cannot leave developing culture to chance – takes commitment, coupled with a methodical, rigorous approach (and time) this is not an overnight journey. Wrays culture and leadership development specialists implement integrated programs that address effectiveness, staff engagement and leadership skills and behaviours that matter most.


Good culture involves a productive organisational climate, constructive communication and collaborate behaviours that reinforce positive meaning and quality relationships. Journey begins with us gaining deep insight and understanding of your business, its challenges and the direction in which you want to take it.

We research both your brand and culture (in unison) completing an evaluation to understand all of the drivers and nuances of the current state. 

Continuing on, we partner your organisation to develop an integrated and aligned cultural strategy / culture plan including advice on systems and processes which continue to hinder your desired culture.  Provide leaders with knowledge, skills, support and the messaging they need to drive the culture in the right direction. Also involves 

Culture journey should be involve a detailed and proven approach including: 

1.   Understanding the strategic imperative;

2.   Engaging senior teams;

3.   Defining the current culture and assessment of the organisation's effectiveness;

4.   Identifying company priorities, gaps and any barriers to implementation;

5.   Develop a comprehensive Culture Plan;

6.   Implementation (developmental activities identified, implemented across all levels of your business) including building leadership capability, fine-tuning dimensions of team effectiveness - goals/roles/interpersonal reslationships/Procedures and aligning them to the business strategy, bridge the "knowing / doing" gap, aligning systems e.g.selection (see our Cultural Fit Tool), performance management,  succession planning and cascading this through your company. 

7.   Benchmark - measure ongoing progress / success.

Using a theory and experiential learning mix, we keep team performance and accountability firmly in the spotlight.   Though inspiring and engaging key stakeholders it makes them more driven, autonomous and deepens their skill to improves interactions and the management of others.






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