Wrays Consortium Selected to Deliver Commercialisation Framework Supporting Biomedical Outcomes

We are proud to announce that Wrays is a recipient of funding from MTPConnect’s REDI program to create a comprehensive skills-based competency framework across the different stages of the MTP value chain. The Wrays Consortium also includes our partners Yuuwa Ventures Pty Ltd, Biotech Recruitment Consultants Ltd (QRC Solutions) and Biodesign Australia, administered by The University of Western Australia.

MTPConnect’s $32 million Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF).

MTPConnect is partnering with research, training and industry organisations to deploy an integrated three-pillar plan driving skills and workforce development for the medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical (MTP) sector nationally. Through a competitive process, MTPConnect selected additional industry training providers, including the Wrays Consortium, to deliver new programs addressing key skills gaps in the sector workforce.

The Wrays team and partners will develop and present a hands-on framework that can support others to build successful biomedical commercialisation outcomes, providing a resource for early-stage therapeutic and medical technology companies and SMEs.

The deliverables will include a national 12-month training program focused on the key areas of Communication and Collaboration, Translation of Laboratory Research, Business-Focused Outcomes, Meeting Investment Criteria, and Leadership and Management Growth. The team will draw upon real-world examples and case studies based on their collective 100 years of hands-on experience commercialising therapeutic products and medical technology.

Wrays is the patent attorney team behind multiple successfully commercialised Australian biomedical innovations, with several receiving approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Wrays’ CEO Mr Robert Pierce said: “Wrays is delighted, along with our partners, to be part of this unique consortium. We look forward to sharing our respective skillsets and experiences of commercialising globally successful MTP projects over many years, with emerging talent across Australia.”

We look forward to bringing you more details of the program as it progresses.

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To find out more about our partners visit:

Yuuwa Capital – https://yuuwa.com.au/

Biotech Recruitment Consultants – https://biotechrecruitment.com.au/

Biodesign Australia – https://www.biodesign.com.au/



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