Adrian Huber
Commercial & Technology, IP Management, IP Strategy, Trade Marks
Agribusiness, Branding, Consumer Goods, Food and Beverage, Information Technology, Medical Technology, Universities and Research Organisations
Special Counsel
  • Barrister & Solicitor
  • Admitted to Practice
    • High Court of Australia
    • Federal Court of Australia
    • Supreme Court of Western Australia
    • Industry Areas
      • Creative Industries
      • Information & Computer Technology
      • Life Sciences & Biotechnology
        • Educational Background
          • Bachelor of Laws
          • Bachelor of Science (Information Systems)
          • Professional Affiliations
          • Intellectual Property Society of Australia & New Zealand (IPSANZ) Member

Adrian has significant international experience in practising IP law, specialising in the protection and management of trade marks, copyrights, domain names and trade secrets complemented by experience in commercial agreements.

Adrian commenced his legal career in commercial litigation and, following his passion, moved exclusively into the intellectual property field where he enjoys helping individuals and businesses protect and exploit their unique creations.

More recently, he was based in Europe at a Switzerland-based IP management firm working with USA-based clients. During this time he managed international trade mark portfolios, provided advice on copyright issues in the marketing, education and research arenas and led global brand protection initiatives designed to curb trademark and copyright infringement, particularly in the online space.

Adrian has assisted companies in securing their confidential information and trade secrets, ensuring that both legal and practical issues are given equal consideration. In addition, he has experience working collaboratively with executives and in-house counsel to implement IP management best practices through well-drafted IP policy reinforced by rigorous compliance and education programs.

Working closely with a business’s key decision makers is vital to ensuring that its IP strategy is properly aligned with its overall strategic plan. To this end, Adrian takes a collaborative approach to drafting and negotiating commercial agreements associated with the strategic creation and exploitation of IP. These include confidentiality agreements, service agreements, research and development agreements, material transfer agreements, IP licensing agreements and IP assignments.

Recognising that IP is only a part of the picture, Adrian also managed a team of scientific and legal professionals in the innovation management field. In this role, he was responsible for partnering with his clients to build a “culture of innovation”. His team specialised in designing and implementing the necessary structures, systems and processes to bring innovation to life within a company. Working with a large hospital group in the USA, Adrian oversaw the development and implementation of a clinical innovation pipeline which provided a forum to help the company and budding inventors select promising new ideas for commercialisation.