John King
IP Strategy

I work with a very broad range of clients – from individual inventors and start-ups, to small and medium sized enterprises, to large ASX-listed companies.

I specialise in technologies in the mechanical field. I have extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, managing patenting programmes in overseas jurisdictions, and advising on patent issues generally. I also have extensive experience in relation to design registration and trade mark matters. Having been a registered patent attorney for more than 30 years, I have experience in a wide range of areas in the mechanical field, including general mechanical technologies, sustainable energy, clean energy, engine technologies, materials handling, and resources, mining, oil and gas.

I aspire to be a trusted advisor to clients. I enjoy working with clients in relation to options and strategies for pursuing patent and other IP protection in Australia and internationally. This includes assessing and advising on the IP landscape within Australia prior to new product entries onto the Australian market, as well as providing advice in relation to options and strategies for innovating around third-party patent and other IP rights. I also assist and advise clients in creating and managing their IP portfolios in Australia and internationally. Additionally, I provide advice to clients in relation to IP acquisitions and assistance with related IP due diligence activity. In doing all this, I work closely with clients, seeking to understand their business and objectives, so as to be in a position to provide commercially-relevant advice aligned with their objectives.

I have been with Wrays for almost all my working life. I was a partner and principal of Wrays for more than 30 years, and have recently transitioned into the role of a consultant. Over this time, I have very much enjoyed being a patent attorney and working with clients, aspiring to be their trusted advisor. As Wrays is a multi-disciplinary practice, having patent attorneys and lawyers with a broad range of expertise in the IP field, I am content in the knowledge that, as a trusted advisor, I am able to refer clients to my colleagues within Wrays as needs arise and thereby deliver added value to clients.

Wrays is one of the largest independent IP specialist firms in Australia – bringing together the right combination of experts to protect, grow and defend your intellectual property assets locally and globally.

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