Ryan Boe
Information Technology
Senior Associate

Understanding the reasons behind why clients are interacting with intellectual property is critical in developing appropriate strategies and budgets for pursuing rights.

With this understanding, I seek to ensure that my clients are aware of their options and the potential vulnerabilities when filing strategies are being formed.

As a senior patent attorney and intellectual property lawyer with over seven years’ experience, I offer targeted, commercially relevant advice to clients across the full spectrum of IP.

In relation to patents, I assist with the drafting, filing, prosecution and enforcement of patent rights related to medical devices, mechanical engineering inventions, electrical and telecommunications, computer enabled inventions, electrical inventions, physics based and other similar inventions. In relation to registered designs and trade marks, I develop strategies around and implement protection and filing strategies globally. I also advise on the legal and commercial issues surrounding IP.

I work with a wide variety of clients including individuals and small start-ups, growing mid-sized businesses, universities and large global businesses. I have worked at Wrays for a number of years and attest to the professional nature of the firm which gives employees scope to address problems with a level of autonomy. This allows strong relationships to develop with clients directed to finding the best solution/s in a given circumstance.