A seamless approach

Asia boasts an exciting landscape rich in commercial opportunity. It’s an opportunity that is ever increasing – shaped by the fastest GDP growth rate in the world by region and continued forecasts for considerable growth into the future.

Navigating the complex and vibrant intellectual property framework of the region is crucial to your IP strategy and the protection of one of your most valuable assets – your innovation and brand.

Our Asia Connect platform offers a seamless and efficient service as your central point of contact for filing and prosecuting your patent and trade mark applications throughout Asia.

It’s a single platform to provide you with consistency, efficiency, co-ordination and convenience.

Asia Connect provides:

  • A single point of contact – you will work with one dedicated Wrays’ Client Manager who will co-ordinate your IP filing and prosecution throughout all of Asia.
  • Tangible and measurable efficiencies achieved by removing the administrative burden of engaging with multiple international service providers.
  • Efficient IP strategy execution – consistency in the execution of your IP strategy across all countries, delivering the highest possible quality of service. With one client manager handling your IP, their unique overview of your portfolio coupled with their specialist expertise can shine the spotlight on potential opportunities, closing any gaps arising from the more traditional approach.
  • Access to substantial cost savings for your business, gained through our long standing relationship with our network of international service providers.
  • Choice of ‘right fit’ local IP service providers – ensuring specialist expertise, conflict free service, value for money and local knowledge. Our network of international service providers means that we can offer choice of provider best suited to meet your needs.