Janet Stead
Energy, Resources

I am an experienced patent and trade mark attorney having worked in this field for over 27 years, assisting clients protect their rights in Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Interestingly, I worked for Wrays for 12 years before starting my own patent and trade mark firm, trading as Janet Stead & Associates, which I operated for 11 years before returning to Wrays in 2014.

I work with a range of clients from individual inventors to large corporate organisations, as well as international associates and firms. I work in the area of trade marks assisting clients with adopting new trade marks, searching, registration of trade marks and branding campaigns. I also have a large practice in patents, covering the areas of chemistry, mineral processing, engineering and electronics.

In view of my experience, I can offer clients appropriate and focused advice for each individual situation. I like to offer clients a range of options, whilst at the same time providing guidance on what I believe to be the most suitable course of action.

I like working at Wrays because of the broad range of expertise we can offer, so that the sharing of ideas and strategies between team members provides valuable input for our clients. I like the professional yet friendly approach of the team at Wrays, so that clients always feel comfortable approaching us for any assistance.