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Australian resource sectors are constantly evolving, requiring ongoing development of techniques and technology in order to maintain a competitive position. The knowledge base of our resources group covers the wide scope of disciplines required to meet the needs of the industry. With combined decades of experience, our team establish, develop and maintain secure and comprehensive intellectual property portfolios for our clients.

Due to their reputation and outstanding service, our clientele consist of a number of local and international corporations with a vested interest in the protection of their intellectual property.

Chemistry & material sciences

Our Chemistry and Materials Sciences team consists of scientists and engineers with a diverse knowledge base. This team combines a strong foundation in the principles of these disciplines together with a flexible, forward-thinking approach to the many new aspects of these fields.

With strong ties to various academic and industry groups such as the Royal Australian Chemical Institute, the team is well versed in current analytical techniques, chemical processes and materials fabrication techniques.

Our team acts for several academic institutions, SMEs and multinational corporations, covering a broad spectrum of technologies, including chemical synthesis, nanochemistry, surface chemistry and polymer science.

Chemical engineering, metallurgy & process technology

Our team members in the Chemical Engineering, Metallurgy & Process Technology group have a specialised understanding in pure chemistry, chemical engineering and industrial processes. They also specialise in mineral processing and refining technologies, in addition to plant and process design required for large scale industrial processing and production.

Our team is linked to groups such as the Institution of Chemical Engineers and The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, ensuring ongoing awareness of industry issues. Many of our clients are involved in various stages of exploration, extraction, processing and recovery of minerals.

The Team

Daniel Beck
Technical Assistant
Senior Associate