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Australia’s reputation as a leading agricultural producer is well established. The quality of food and agriculture research and development in Australia is regarded as among the best in the world.

Our thriving agribusiness industry comprises farmers, as well as over 300 startups, scaleups and enterprises, a rich pool of accelerators and incubators, industry groups, and world-leading universities and research institutions. The integrated relationship between each of these key contributors fuels innovation and collaboration.

Investing in new technology and streamlining production processes is vital to remain competitive in the global agribusiness sector. Australian farmers are readily embracing new innovations that are promising improved productivity quality and yield, enhanced sustainability, reduced waste and the ability to make better decisions.

With increasing investment in new technologies, Australia’s agribusiness sector needs to ensure that IP developed through R&D and innovation activities will be protected and that commercialisation opportunities reach their full potential.

Wrays has a strong track record of providing patent, trade mark and commercial services in a range of agribusiness investment areas including:

  • Agriculture biotechnology
  • Innovative food
  • Farm management software
  • Supply chain and food technology
  • Farm robotics, mechanisations and equipment
  • Agribusiness marketplaces
  • Bioengineering and biomaterials
  • Novel farming systems

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