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Universities and research organisations are the factories of knowledge, fuelling the innovation that drives society forward. Through their research and development activities, these institutions produce outcomes in the form of inventions, new technology solutions, valuable know-how, peer publications, information and knowledge databases, new plant varieties, teaching materials, novel algorithms and computer programs and much more. And with evolving requirements and expectations driving different learning and research activities, these institutions are now under enormous pressure to not only disseminate the knowledge that they generate but also to commercialise and extract value from that knowledge.

Universities and research organisations make a huge difference to the wellbeing of not only our local and national economies, but to individuals and societies globally. As such they deserve to be rewarded for their innovations and for the role they play in creating new business opportunities in a wide range of industries.

Wrays works closely with universities and research organisations to assist with the management and protection of valuable IP assets and the many associated commercial activities. Our team can assist with many of the challenges associated with funding and commercialisation endeavours, and works with our clients to help implement the outcomes of their valuable research. Our professionals understand the contribution and expectations of various stakeholders to the development of core intellectual property and assist with putting in place IP management strategies and frameworks to ensure all parties have their own interests protected.

Our experienced team can assist with:

  • Recommendations on IP protection, including patentability of novel solutions
  • Preparation, filing and prosecution of local and foreign patent applications
  • Advice on freedom-to-operate and infringement matters
  • Assessing and addressing issues relating to 3rd party IP rights
  • Enforcement of IP rights, including patent litigation
  • Commercialisation advice, including reviewing, drafting and negotiating commercial contracts and agreements
  • M&A and other due diligence activities
  • IP ownership, access and licensing matters
  • IP strategy development and portfolio management
  • Advising on any IP issues required to support grant applications
  • Brand management and trade mark protection
  • Patent searching and review services, including monitoring and surveillance of relevant IP landscapes

The Team

Senior Patent Consultant
Technical Assistant
Trade Marks Administrator
Executive Chairman, Principal & National Practice Group Leader - Litigation
Principal & National Practice Group Leader - Formalities
Principal & National Practice Group Leader - Commercial
Principal & National Practice Group Leader - Management & Strategic Services
Principal & National Practice Group Leader - International
Senior Associate
Senior Associate