Harnessing your brand

Any business or brand owner will tell you that one of their greatest assets is their brand – its visual appearance, content and style. It’s how they communicate to their customers and differentiate from competitors.

Wrays brand protection and trade mark experts will guide you through the process of developing a brand protection strategy – designed to protect your brand assets throughout their lifecycle.

Our clients range from small businesses and not-for-profits to large multinational organisations, including one of the largest trademark portfolios in Australia. Entrusting us to protect and defend one of their greatest business assets.

Trade marks

Wrays has one of the largest teams of registered trade mark attorneys in Australia and New Zealand and can protect and enforce trade marks in any international jurisdiction. This expertise is coupled with the expertise of specialist IP & technology lawyers who advise on trade practices, licensing, trade mark litigation, advertising & marketing and copyright. Our team can prepare and prosecute suitable and relevant trade mark applications to ensure maximum protection.

It’s a holistic approach to managing your brand portfolio.


With a comprehensive range of copyright and brand protection services, this specialised team provides tailored advice in relation to copyrighting including protection, licensing and seeking remedies where infringement has occurred.

Copyright protection extends to all expressions of ideas, including business plans, circuits, architectural drawings, prototype drawings and many others. It is not limited only to the works of writers and artists. Wrays’ copyright team will assist in protecting your rights and negotiating licenses to maximise the value of your intellectual property and copyrights in both domestic and international jurisdictions.


The registration of an industrial design allows businesses to protect the appearance of products that they have designed. Registrable designs must have features of shape, pattern, or ornamentation, which are present in the product and which must be apparent to the eye. The registration and certification of a design will grant the owner of a design the right to use, make, and sell products under the registered design for a period of up to ten years.

Our team of brand protection experts can advise you on how to protect your design including preparation and filing of documents, such as drawings prepared by our specialist staff, which may be required for your design application. We can also deal with any objections raised as a result of an examination of your application by the Designs Office.

And we’ll draw on our extensive global network of foreign associates to protect your design in those jurisdictions.

Domain names

Wrays is a leader in domain name law in Australia. We understand the complexity of our clients’ domain name issues and have significant experience in their resolution. Wrays is also experienced in UDRPs (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy) and various other domain name matters.

We act for some of Australia’s largest companies in managing their domain name portfolios. We ensure that our clients are aware when new top-level domain names are created, so they can make decisions to register relevant domains in their industry or professions, before other third parties.

Registering a domain name is imperative to protecting copyrights and trade marks, as it secures unique product names and increases an organisation’s equity in their target market.

Plant breeders’ rights

Plant Breeders’ Rights provide plant breeders the opportunity to register in Australia new plant varieties that are distinct, uniform and stable.

Wrays’ professionals have considerable experience assisting plant breeders to register their rights for new plant varieties in Australia as well as overseas using our comprehensive network of foreign associates. We assist our clients with the licensing, management and commercialisation of plant breeder’s rights and the enforcement of these rights.

The Team

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