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Our Electrical Engineering group includes both electrical and electronic engineers that specialise in the protection of technology inventions and gadgets. Practitioners in this group have previously worked in engineering roles in both international and Australian companies, servicing a variety of clients ranging from large corporations to individual inventors. The group can advise on all manner of electrical technology – from the latest smart phone applications to intelligent power management and distribution systems.

General Mechanical

This team is comprised of individuals with a strong foundation in applied physics, applied science and mechanical engineering.

With a problem-solving focus and a thorough understanding of mechanical innovations, our team specialises in drafting patents, preparing submissions and prosecuting patent and design applications around the world.

Sustainable Energy Technology

Our Sustainable Energy Technology Group was established in recognition of the importance of alternative and renewable energy, from both an economic and environmental perspective. Since its conception, the Wrays sustainable energy group has rapidly grown in numbers. This is a consequence of the ingenuity permeating from this sector.

Wrays is proudly associated with companies, institutes and individuals at the forefront of sustainable energy innovation.

Medical Technology

This multi-disciplinary group was formed due to the unique and complex nature of medical technology development. Combining expertise in mechanics, electronics, software, materials and biological processes, Wrays provides innovators in this field with the service and knowledge required to thoroughly protect any medical technology.

Our team members understand the unique financial, regulatory and commercial pressures faced by medical technology companies, and tailor our service offering accordingly.

The Team

Mary Turonek
Special Counsel
Peter Hille
Senior Associate