Peter Hille
Engineering, Universities and Research Organisations
Senior Associate

As physicist and former software developer, I am qualified in – and routinely work across – a broad range of technological fields, including mechanics, material science, electronics, automation and information technology.

With 25 years of experience in patents and designs, I understand the importance of having an in-depth understanding of my clients’ innovations before providing relevant Patent and/or Trade Mark services. My particular areas of expertise are drafting patent specifications, conducting patent and design searches, filing and prosecuting patent and/or design applications, and providing patentability and infringement analysis.

My experience working with mining, oil and gas industries allows me to work with a range of clients, from individual inventors to large service providers and suppliers. I regularly work with technology that relates to oil production (drilling equipment and geophysical surveys), oil well prospecting (impedance, nuclear and MNR), medical devices, optics, sustainable energy technology, general mechanics, electrical, IT and driver-less transportation systems such as trucks and trains.

The advice I can provide my clients’ extends globally, particularly across Latin-America and the United States. I previously worked as a patent engineer in Latin-America and subsequently in the United States wherein I acquired US patent law expertise working for several years. I passed the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registration examination, and this registration permitted me to work as a patent agent providing advice in relation to seeking patent protection and prosecuting patent applications in the US. Currently, this expertise is of great value to our clients and potential clients when seeking patent protection in the US.

I am also fluent in German and Spanish.