Rolf Van Wollingen
Engineering, Information Technology

Whenever a client comes to seek protection for their intellectual property, I strive to understand the nature of their business and their commercial plans for the future.

A registered patent attorney for more than 30 years, my aim is to help clients obtain protection for their intellectual property that will add value to their business and assist them in maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

In the early years I did extensive work for a large, multinational consumer electronics company and for a large, multinational geophysical exploration instrumentation company, helping them to build comprehensive patent and design portfolios for their products in Australia. At the same time I enjoyed working with a wide range of local inventors and engineers in such diverse fields as automotive engineering, mechanical design, agricultural machinery, communications technology and electrical power control devices. Successfully establishing a Perth office for a top-tiered firm of patent and trade mark attorneys opened-up new opportunities to develop expertise in mining-related industries, including mining machinery such as drilling equipment, explosives, exploration technology, as well as mineral processing, particularly in the alumina and nickel industries. As my first degree is in Electronic Engineering, I have also continued to assist clients in the IT and electronics sectors, and have helped many clients obtain patent protection for software-related inventions and business methods.

Although some of the clients I do work for are large multinational companies, I still get particular satisfaction from helping local, home-grown innovators and companies protect their intellectual property in Australia and overseas. Many of the people I work with are ‘backyard inventors’, whilst others are local entrepreneurs and companies, who have now established a successful international business.

I particularly appreciate the collegial work climate at Wrays, with both professional and support staff working closely together to deliver first class service to our clients.


  • Australian Patent Attorney

Industry Areas

  • Business Methods
  • Australian Patent and Trade Marks Attorney
  • Computer software-related
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic
  • General Mechanical
  • Mechanical
  • Medical technologies
  • Mineral Processing Inventions

Educational Background

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic)
  • Master of Divinity
  • Master of Theology