Changes to PCT Fees for Australian Filers

Australian filers of PCT applications are set to receive some more welcome financial relief as the Australian Patent Office (IP Australia) adjusted their fees for PCT-associated patent filings, effective from 1 May 2021. This follows a series of fee decreases over the last 8 months.

International PCT Fees

Fee Type Old Fee (AUD) New Fee (AUD)
1 Transmittal Fee $200 $200
2 International Search Fee $2200 $2200
3 International Filing Fee* $2150 $1860*
If the application contains 30 pages or less including the request form:
Electronic filings filed in PDF format via ePCT* $323 $280*
Electronic filings filed in XML format via ePCT* $485 $420*
Plus, for each page in the application in excess of 30 sheets (per page)*: $24 $21*
4 Cost of preparing certified copy of basic document (per document $50 $50
5 Copies of specifications cited in the International Search Report (per copy) $50 $50

International Preliminary Examination Fees

Fee Type Old Fee (AUD) New Fee (AUD)
1 International Preliminary Examination Fee
If the search was performed by IP Australia $590 $590
If the search was not performed by IP Australia $820 $820
2 International preliminary handling Fee* $323 $280*

*Indicates a fee decrease

Total (if search performed by IP Australia) = $870 (current fee $913)
Total (if search not performed by IP Australia) = $1100 (current fee $1143)

We will keep you updated on future developments.

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