World-Class Innovation Shines a Light on Perth’s Thriving Biotech Industry

The City of Perth recently caught up with some of the leading professionals within the city’s Medical Life Sciences sector to create this short video. Here, we learn about the collaborative story of Dimerix – a client of Wrays’ and a shining example of how a biopharmaceutical company with origins in Perth can positively effect millions of people globally.

We’re incredibly proud of the team at Dimerix for their success in delivering world-class innovation, and for shining a light on Perth’s thriving biotech industry.

It’s extremely rewarding to be involved with such work, especially when we see the outcome directly help those in need – in this case, the millions of people seeking treatment of chronic kidney disease.

Wrays would like to thank City of Perth for featuring some of the state-of-the-art research and the innovative thinking that is at the core of WA’s life sciences sector.

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